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Cordless Hair Curler

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  • Perfect for creating professionally tousled waves
  • Automatic adjustable heat settings (300°F - 390°F)
  • 6 timer settings
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic barrel creates a shiny finish
  • 10 minute auto-off functionality
  • Can be used on all hair types

The secret to creating stunning salon-worthy curls, this lightweight curling wand is a must-have for those wanting to create beautiful, bouncy hair without damage and effort.

If you want luscious locks without spending hours in front of the mirror. You can now curl all of your hair automatically with just a single click and the best part - you don't need to have any skills! Forget about the traditional wired curling irons, with our automatic hair curler you‘ll be able to curl your hair in SECONDS. 

The unique anti-tangle design and automatic reverse rotation function helps avoid any tangled hair problems.


Suitable for all hair types, it’s heat settings mean you can adapt the temperature based on your styling needs. 

Whether you’ve got thick, unruly hair that requires a lot of heat, or fine locks that benefit from a low temperature, the Automatic Hair Curler adapts to suit you.

It also has 6 timer settings (8-18 seconds), depending on how tight or loose you want your curls. You can even choose whether you want your hair to be curled from the left or right!


The Curler is infused with Tourmaline and Ceramic Technology. Otherwise known as the ‘electric stone’, Tourmaline is a gemstone that when heated emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat.

These negative ions reduce static and seal the hair’s cuticle, resulting in frizz-free, shiny hair that is lustrous and healthy. There's also no need to worry about burning your fingers or scalp.

The rechargeable battery maximizes styling efficiency, and it turns off automatically after 10 minutes.

How to Use

  1. Ensure the hair curler is fully charged before using. the hair curler for the best performance. 
  2. Start with hair 6"’ from the hair root. Place a small strand of hair (1/2"—1") in the hair chamber.
  3. Press the start button. 
  4. Release your hair once the timer stops.

The wireless hair curler can be placed anywhere you like - you no longer have to worry about tangled cables! It's very small and delicate, allowing you to take it with you anywhere to instantly create beautiful curls at anytime.

Tip: If you have a super long hair, select a higher temperature and a longer time to get a perfect waves. Use smaller sections of hair to get the perfect waves / curls.

Cordless Hair Curler
Cordless Hair Curler Sale price$49.99 Regular price$115.00